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Common Returns Questions

Is it easy to return or exchange items? Is it free? 

Yes! Just walk through our portal and you'll receive a prepaid shipping label. All you have to do is print the label out, tape it to a box, and drop it off at the carrier! We prefer items to be shipped back in the original box. However, if you've already tossed it, any secure package will do. 

Looking for a little more detail? You'll be asked to select the item you're looking to send back, the reason why, and then be prompted to choose either a return or exchange. Once this has been authorized, you'll receive step-by-step instructions and a prepaid shipping label via email. Please note exchanges are only available for our US customers. 

Canada orders: We're currently not set up for exchanges in Canada at this time. Your items will need to be returned and a new purchase placed. You'll receive a full refund on your original purchase. We know this is an extra step and we're working to create a smoother process in the future! 

I want to exchange for a different color! Can I do that? 

Yes! As long as the exchange is for the same item (and of equal value), you'll see that available in the portal. If you don't see what you're looking for in the portal, you'll want to complete this as a return + new purchase. 

How soon will I get my refund?

Once your items are inspected, you'll get your refund typically within 2-3 business days. 

I didn't order this from you directly, can I return it? 

Great question! And also one we're not able to answer. Please reach out to your place of purchase and they may be able to assist. We are only able to help with orders purchased on 

What items are returnable?

Items that have shipped within the last 100 days are able to be refunded in full. If you're looking to return an item that has not been fulfilled yet, please email us so we can cancel that portion of your order.

If you're outside of our returns window and having trouble with your purchase we'd be happy to troubleshoot via email. We are unable to refund orders outside of the returns window. 

What items are non-refundable?

  • Gift Cards
  • Items marked as final sale.
  • Free gifts or promotional items with retail value.

What is my order number?

It starts with an OP followed by a series of numbers. You'll see it on your original order confirmation as well as shipping notifications. If you aren't able to find it or if your item was gifted, please email us so we can help locate that for you.

For gifted products, we'll just need a bit of information about your gifter so we can make that easy. Be sure to include their name, email address, and your shipping address if this was sent directly to your home. We are unable to assist with returns or exchanges unless an original order number can be located. 

I received an instant refund voucher but I don't want to use it or I only want to use a portion of it.

No worries! We'll make it as easy as possible to send your item back to Our Place. You'll have access to your instant refund voucher from the start of your return until your item is received back at our warehouse!  Once it's scanned in, we'll provide a refund for the remainder of the voucher to your original card of purchase. 

Not looking to make a new purchase? You'll receive a full refund!

Looking to return but also snag something small on our site? Go for it! Any leftover funds will be returned to your card of purchase once we receive your item. 

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